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Sandycroft Train Station



Important Train Station Dates

Date opened : 1.3.1884
Date closed : 1.5.1961
Current state: Demolished


History Of Sandycroft Train Station

Although the route from Chester to Bangor was open in May 1848, the village of Sandycroft didnt get it's first and only station until 1884.


The facilities of this station, weren't as luxurious as other local stations that had been built around the same time, It was of a simple single story booking facility was at road level on the south side of the line.


To access the booking office was by means of steps and a footbridge that led over to the eastbound platform. Wooden waiting facilities with awnings were provided on the platforms. The signal box, which still stands today, located in the centre of the fast lines. The original workmans cottages, are still in use as residential homes and located next to the railway line, close to the old station.


Station Closing

The station, like many in the area was closed to passengers and goods on 1st May 1961, although a private siding stayed in use after that date. By 1986, the line had been reduced from its four original tracks to just two main tracks. Very little survives of the existence of the station, a road name 'Old Station Road' to show that a station existed, the cottages, the signal box. Look carefully and the original tram lines going to the station, can still be seen in the street just outside the old station..


Photograph Information

Source of Photo : Unknown
Photograph Description : Sandycroft Train Station in 1900